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New Zealand Casino No Deposit Bonuses

Both professional and amateur gamblers are looking for generous promotions. They seek various bonuses to get extra cash on the balance and play with less risk of losing their own money. Meanwhile, online casinos try to attract as many new users as possible offering special deals and promotions of various types. No deposit bonuses appear to be one of the most popular offerings to play without actually making a real deposit right at once.

Why should one use this type of bonus? How can it help newbies to get started? What are the possible limitations and wagering requirements? Those are the questions we will answer in this article. So, follow our ultimate no deposit bonus guide for New Zealand online casinos.

Best New Zealand Casinos with No Deposit Bonus in 2020

BonusNo Deposit Bonus
FreeSpins20 Free Spins
bonus code - No Required
BonusNo Deposit Bonus
FreeSpins50 Free Spins
bonus code - No Required
BonusNo Deposit Bonus
FreeSpins20 Free Spins
bonus code - B20SIGNUP
BonusNo Deposit Bonus
FreeSpins25 Free Spins
bonus code - No Required
BonusNo Deposit Bonus
FreeSpins20 Free Spins
bonus code - No Required
BonusNo Deposit Bonus
FreeSpins25 Free Spins
bonus code - No Required

Explaining How No Deposit Bonuses Work

While the gambling industry evolves, competition in the field grows tougher each day. Casinos fight for every new customer in an effort to turn him or her into the returning one. Different websites promise great deals, discounts, special promotions, and bonuses of any type. But the most trusted websites go further and deliver truly unique gaming opportunities in the face of no deposit bonus.

What is it? It is a bonus that lets gamblers play different slot machines without making the first deposit. The cash needed to make a real bet is provided by the casino itself. In other words, players do not have to put in their own money while the winning chances are still the same. 

Of course, players should not expect hundreds of pf “free” dollars to play. Besides, no deposit casino bonuses generally come with strict wagering requirements and limitations in reference to withdrawing. Nevertheless, it is still a great option for newbies who only want to test the gaming process or do not want to risk their own cash. Also, it is a good tool to try a chosen gambling strategy on a particular casino slot.

How Does No Deposit Bonus Work?

The idea is very simple. All you need is to sign in and claim the bonus. You should note that websites offer several types of this particular promotion. The steps to use it include:

  1. Registration process – indicate all necessary info and open a new casino account.
  2. Claiming bonus – as a rule, it is available as a promo code or special coupon that is sent to your email after the registration. In some cases, it can be obtained on a separate bonus page along with other promotions offered by the website.
  3. Using free cash – after bonus money is transferred to your balance, you may choose a slot, make a bet, and start spinning the reels.

The main benefit is that you do not have to deposit your own cash. Also, note that not all games are available for a no deposit bonus. Moreover, casinos establish wagering requirements and limitations we are going to discuss a bit further in our article. So, stay tuned. 

Types of No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonuses can be provided in several major types. They depend on the casino specialization and games they want to promote. For users, choosing the right type plays a vital role depending on gaming tactics and style. So, the main three no deposit bonus types are as follows:

-        Free Cash – the best option for gamblers of any level and type. It is free money that a casino offers for newcomers. Everyone can get it without limitations. Moreover, some websites offer additional no deposit bonus deals on holidays or user’s Birthday. Players should stay in touch with website updates and keep an eye on special deals and promotions.

-        Free Spins – another popular type of no deposit bonus that brings fewer winning opportunities for gamblers. The idea is to provide gamers with a number of free spins that can be used within a specific period and only on specific slot machines. It means that you will not be able to choose any game to play or spend your free slots whenever you want. Such limitations are pretty common, which makes this type of bonus not as attractive as the previous one. On the other hand, it may suit the needs of high rollers trying to hunt down progressive and other types of the jackpot.

-        Cashback – this type of promotion is becoming a new trend in the gambling industry. Casinos are ready to provide cashbacks on every sum you lose. It is the same as free money with the one and only exception: you need to make a deposit first and actually lose. For this reason, it can’t be considered as a 100% no deposit bonus. But still, it is worth mentioning.

No deposit bonuses have some other variations. For example, casinos usually offer a so-called free play when a user gets a limited amount of cash to send it on a given slot within a given timeframe. It is the same as free cash but with more restrictions.

No Deposit Bonus Terms and Requirements

No matter how trusted a chosen casino is, you need to read all terms and conditions carefully before signing in. Especially when it comes to pricing and bonus policies. Otherwise, you will face serious obstacles on the way to withdrawing cash or making the most of the provided bonus.

It is clear that newbies will find it hard to figure out what those requirements say. For this reason, we have highlighted some of the crucial points to pay attention to before completing the registration process and claiming the bonus:

  1. On-per-player bonus. The requirement is pretty simple. A player can claim a no deposit bonus only once. In other words, you will be able to use this type of bonus only once. It does not look like a great deal, as many proven casinos let gamblers claim different types of no deposit bonuses even after the registration process/ So, you need to look for a more flexible solution.
  2. Maximum bet. Another common restriction established by websites. For example, you get $100 free cash as a no deposit bonus. You are free to choose any of the available slots but the maximum bet is limited. In other words, you will not be able to win big. Look for an online casino with no betting restrictions.
  3. Withdrawing limits. Let’s say, a casino has a wagering restriction making it possible to withdraw not more than $100 of bonus money. It means that if you are lucky enough to win $199, you will be able to cash out only $100. But there is nothing layers can do with that restriction.

Always note than once you have signed in, you automatically agree with all the terms and conditions. So, you need to read them carefully first defining the key limitations and whether they suit you or not.

No Deposit Bonus Pros and Cons

You should not count on perfect bonus opportunities. Casinos are developed not to give money to every customer but to take it from users. Some get lucky and while some lose their cash right at once. No deposit bonus is a good tool to prevent newbies from real risks. However, they do not guarantee huge risks or protect you from huge losses.

No Deposit Bonus Pros:

-        The ability to play free without depositing real money right from the start. Besides, you step into the real gambling world with an amount of free cash or spins you may use and win real money.

-        The second vital benefit is the chance to test how the casino works. Users will be able to try available slot machines, gaming tactics, and other crucial issues to decide if the website suits their requirements.

-        Website worthiness. No deposit bonus is a great opportunity to check if the website is fair enough in terms of wagering policy if it supports safe payment options if the withdrawal process is fast and hassle-free. Moreover, it is a great chance to check if the customer support team is comprehensive enough.

Once again, do not consider any deposit bonus as a magic tool that will let you win big. It is a general promotion used by the majority of casinos to drive more potential customers and increase the loyalty of the existing ones.

No Deposit Bonus Cons:

-        Withdrawing limitations. The most crucial downside is that you will not be able to cash out the sum that exceeds wagering requirements. Even if you were lucky enough to hit a progressive jackpot featuring millions of dollars, you can withdraw only the sum established in the wagering requirements.

-        Free cash limitations. Most websites offer not much of bonus free money. Users generally get around $50-100. Sometimes even less. It does not seem to be enough considering bet limitations.

-        Gaming limitations – the last but not least is the fact that gamers are limited when choosing a slot to use free money or spins. You can opt for slot machines defined by the soft provider or casino itself. Prescribed options may include slots with low payouts, out-of-date design, etc.

Despite all the downsides, no deposit bonus is yet the best instrument to explore the gambling website you are going to play at.

No Deposit Bonus FAQ

Can anyone claim no deposit bonus?

A casino defines requirements for users who want to claim this type of bonus. As a rule, it is available as a sing up or holiday deal including personalized bonus offers to VIP clients.

Can I win real money and withdraw it?

Yes, you can. But the withdrawing sum can be limited by the established wagering requirements. If you exceed the limit, you will not be able to withdraw the rest.

Is no deposit bonus delivered only once?

It depends on the casino bonus policy. In some cases, websites offer second-time no deposit bonuses to bring all customers back. Special deals may come as birthday gifts as well.

How can I get a no deposit bonus?

It is mainly available as a promo code or coupon you need to type in when signing in or playing a particular slot.